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Trading Cards
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Coloring Pages
Our Ben 10 Coloring Pages is a collection of more than 250 printable coloring images. Our coloring section offer coloring images with most of the popular Omnitrix aliens and of course the Tennyson family!

Ben 10 Fusions & Fusion Codes

Ben 10 Fusion Fans, - This section was designed for you !
Check out amazing fusions between some of the most popular characters from the classic series.
StinkMummy - WildChuck - GhostArms and WolfFreak are just some of the close to 100 different Ben10 Fusions you can explore via our Fusion website section
Alien FusionAlien Fusion - Ghostfreak and WildvineAlien Fusion - Diamondhead and GhostfreakAlien Fusion - Fourarms and WildmuttAlien Fusion

Ben 10 Trading card series

Alien Force Trading Cards

Most Popular
Heatblast Hooverboard Kevin Ghostfreak Lucky Girl


Welcome to Ben10Kids, a BEN 10 website for kids of all ages.
Use the website to find your favorite BEN 10 character cards or to read about the cards you are hoping to see next time you open one of the magical booster packs!
As time allows, Ben10Kids will be updated with as much information about the super popular trading card game as most collectors dare to dream about.

Deck-building strategies, virtual online collections and single-card reviews are just some of the things you will be able to find.
If you are new to the Ben 10 Trading Card Game, be sure to check out our help pages.

The pages offer tips, tricks and information that I gathered while i was learning the game and teaching it to my children.

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